Brazil to take on Spain at Santiago Bernabeu in anti-racism campaign

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Brazil will play against Spain in an anti-racism campaign for Vinicius Jr

In March of next year, Brazil and Spain will have a friendly match at the Bernabeu stadium. This match is part of an anti-racism campaign that supports Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr. 

The president of the Spanish FA, Luis Rubiales, announced this on Tuesday after meeting with the Brazilian FA president, Ednaldo Rodrigues, in Madrid. The two organizations have launched a joint movement to fight against racism with the slogan “One skin”.

The agreement comes after Vinicius was subjected to racist insults during a LaLiga game against Valencia in May. This was the 10th time that LaLiga has reported such an incident against the player to prosecutors this season.

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“It is important to understand that harder punishment needs to be applied in cases of racism by the football authorities,” Rodrigues told a news conference.

“Fines are not enough. The clubs need to be held accountable too. CBF was the first football federation to adopt harder sanctions for cases of racism, such as the deduction of points in league standings, closure of stands or the lifetime expulsion of club members.”

“We need to lead a campaign worldwide to fight against this virus that shame everyone in football.”

The CBF recently initiated a nationwide movement to combat racism during Brazilian league games, using the slogan “There is no game with racism”. Brazil, a five-time world champion, is currently in the area for two matches against Guinea and Senegal. 

The CBF collaborated with Vinicius to ensure his comfort with the games being held in Iberia, and sources indicate that the Real Madrid player was supportive of the idea.

“There is no place for racist insults in our football,” Rubiales said.

“It is intolerable that such events like what happened with Valencia take place in our country.”

“I feel sorry because it doesn’t represent our country and who we are and tarnish our reputation worldwide. We have a problem with racism and have to fight.”

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