Ez Abde Opens up on Why he Left Barcelona

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Moroccan football sensation Ez Abde has shed light on his decision to leave Barcelona and join Real Betis, just ahead of the highly-anticipated clash between the two sides.

This revelation comes as a surprise to many fans, as Abde was considered one of Barcelona’s promising talents. In an exclusive interview, he spoke about his reasons for departing from the Catalan giants.

Abde, who is a Morocco international, admitted that Barcelona expressed their desire for him to stay. However, his decision to leave became evident when he failed to secure a spot in the starting lineup for any of the first three games of the season. In his own words, he revealed, “From Barcelona they told me that they wanted me to stay. In the first three matchdays, I saw that I was not getting on.”

The talented winger expressed his ambition to be a consistent starter, a goal he felt was unattainable at Barcelona. “I was clear that I wanted to play from the start, and I decided to go out. From the first day, I told him (Ramón Planes) that I only wanted to go to Betis,” Abde said.

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One intriguing aspect of this transfer is Barcelona’s decision to retain a buyback option on Abde, along with reserving a percentage of any potential future sale. This move suggests that Barcelona acknowledges Abde’s potential and is unwilling to let go of the young talent permanently.

Now, all eyes are on Ez Abde as he could potentially make his debut for Barcelona against his former team, Real Betis, in an upcoming match. However, the player remains grounded, describing the encounter as “just another game.” His focus appears to be on adapting to his new team and contributing positively to Real Betis.

This transfer story adds another layer of intrigue to the world of football transfers, showcasing the complexities of player decisions and club strategies. Ez Abde’s move from Barcelona to Real Betis is a testament to the dynamic nature of the sport, where talent and ambition often lead players on unexpected journeys.

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