FC Nantes Director has been Charged in Connection with Suspicious Transfers and Money Laundering

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Franck Kita, FC Nantes Director has been charged with a series of money laundering activities at the club with two other individuals

Franck Kita, the FC Nantes director has been charged in connection with a case involving dubious transfers related to the football club. After Kita was taken to jail on Wednesday, the charges were filed on Thursday. This is a significant development in the ongoing judicial inquiry that the Juridiction interrégionale spécialisée (JIRS) in Rennes began on June 29, 2022.

In this instance, two more people have also been charged with Franck Kita. Intermediary Bakari Sanogo and FFF agent Joaquim Batica, who represents a few Nantes players, are accused of money laundering, aggravated money laundering, money laundering of tax fraud, engaging in sports agent work without a valid license, engaging illegal sports agent activities by a national of a European Union member state or a party to the agreement on the European Economic Area, and complicity in illegal engagement in sports agent activities by a national of a non-European Union member state or a non-party to the agreement on the European Economic Area. All three people are now under a  judicial supervision.

The declaration that Franck Kita, Bakari Sanogo, and Joaquim Batica had been taken to prison as part of the ongoing investigations carried out by the Nantes Judicial Police was made by Philippe Astruc, the Public Prosecutor of Rennes. The probe is an extension of earlier court-approved processes.

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The president and owner of FC Nantes, Waldemar Kita, escaped being prosecuted at this time, although it is known that he will be called again in the future for more questioning. Due to the involvement of major members of the club’s management, requests for changes in FC Nantes’ approach to transfers and general operations have been made.

Now that the FC Nantes management is privy to the court case, they will be able to defend themselves. It is important to note that people do not have access to the whole case file until they are legally charged. Franck Kita, Bakari Sanogo, and Joaquim Batica will get the chance to evaluate the evidence and tell their side of the story throughout the judicial processes as a result of their recent indictment, though.

Nantes has a huge difficulty as a result of this continuing dispute since it harms the team’s reputation and forces them to reconsider their transfer policies. The management will probably be forced to make changes to guarantee openness and ongoing adherence to legal and regulatory standards.

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