Gareth Bale talks about Cristiano Ronaldo and his mentality

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Gareth Bale and Ronaldo were teammates at Real Madrid for about 5 seasons before the Portuguese moved to Juventus in 2018

The Welsh professional footballer Gareth Bale recently spoke candidly about his experiences playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo during their five-year tenure at Real Madrid during an interview at the BMW International Open. On the pitch, the two superstars forged a strong alliance and had extraordinary success. Bale shared intriguing insights about Ronaldo’s character and their relationship, shedding light on their time as teammates.

One of Ronaldo’s many captivating qualities was his unmatched desire and determination. Even after convincing triumphs, the Portuguese forward’s tenacious pursuit of victory was clear. According to Bale, Ronaldo would enter the changing room and toss his shoes in annoyance if the team won a game by a wide margin but he did not score.

“He had his moments,” Bale revealed in a video on Martin Borgmeier’s YouTube channel.

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“For example, if we won 5-0 and he didn’t score, he would come in and throw his shoes because he was angry,” Bale said.

Despite this, he generally got along well with Ronaldo. “He was actually okay,” said Bale. “He was a nice guy, nothing bad, we didn’t really have any problems. A lot of people can be scared of him, but if you’re not, it’s okay.”

At Real Madrid, their productive collaboration produced exceptional successes, including four UEFA Champions League victories. However, in 2018 they parted ways when Ronaldo joined Juventus. After a brief stint back at Manchester United, Ronaldo is now playing in Saudi Arabia. Bale, on the other hand, has now retired.

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