Graham Potter Speaks About The Difficulty In Managing Chelsea

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Graham Potter, the head coach of Chelsea, has outlined why his position is “the hardest in football.”

Potter’s team lost both domestic cup matches, dropping to tenth place in the Premier League standings after a promising start to life with the Blues during which they went nine games unbeaten.

The club’s recent ownership transition, active transfer market, and replacement of medical staff have all added to the air of turmoil in and around Chelsea.

Graham Potter mentioned these factors in his remarks prior to Thursday’s quick trip to Fulham, neighbours in west London, as reasons for making the Chelsea task much harder.

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Graham Potter commented on Roman Abramovich’s punishments, which led to the club’s shift in ownership:

“Change is a challenge in any organisation. Listen, I am sure that the changes happened because of events outside of this and us. It’s not like there’s been a coup.

“This is what it is. We have to deal with the new and we have to build things up again because things have changed, things have gone and left. That’s part of the challenge to come and I understood that things would be difficult from a leadership perspective.

“It is a challenge, stimulating and ridiculously hard. I think it is probably the hardest job in football because of that leadership change and the expectation – because rightly where people see Chelsea.

“I obviously didn’t think we’d lose 10 first-team players but that’s where we are at. All I can do is speak to you guys honestly, give my perspective and understand the criticism if you lose.

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