Inter Milan Latest News: Simone Inzaghi proud of Inter after Champions League final loss

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Inter Milan Latest News: Inter went head-to-head with an in-form Manchester City in the Champions League final and gave them a tough match

Simone Inzaghi, the manager of Inter Milan, expressed his satisfaction with his team’s accomplishments despite their disappointing 1-0 defeat to Manchester City in the Champions League final on Saturday. 

Although Inzaghi’s team lost the final due to a goal from Rodri in the second half, he remained positive after a challenging season in which he faced significant criticism before leading his team to third place in Serie A and winning the Italian Cup and Super Cup.

“On a night like this, I can’t single players out who played below par. I said yesterday I would not change my players for anyone else, and tonight the world saw why,” Inzaghi told Sky Sports Italia.

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“They showed the whole world how well they stood up to Manchester City, a side that everyone knows has so much quality.

“I hugged my players one by one, as they were extraordinary, just as our fans were and deserved a different result, but I hope they were happy seeing the way the team played tonight.”

Inzaghi has been heavily criticized by both fans and the media.

“Both I and my players were attacked and admittedly we lost some games that we shouldn’t have lost, but I think we learned valuable lessons from those defeats,” he said, pointing out that the team had won four trophies over the last two years.”

“With this spirit, organisation and determination, I think we will be back here again in future,” he added.

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