Jurgen Klopp acknowledges that he is “nervous” as he anticipates a “massive” title victory for Dortmund

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Jurgen Klopp hopes that Dortmund wins the Bundesliga title

Jurgen Klopp confessed on Friday that he was feeling slightly anxious about Borussia Dortmund’s crucial match on Saturday, as it is his former team. Dortmund is currently leading the Bundesliga by two points over Bayern Munich, and if they win against Mainz at home, they will secure the title.

Asked if he was following the title race in Germany, Klopp told reporters in Liverpool “yes, I’m not dead, I’m alive.”

“I’m a bit nervous to be honest” the German admitted, saying there were “ups and downs, (but) it looks like they can do it.”

Even if Dortmund loses on Saturday, they may still win the league title if they match or improve Bayern’s performance in Cologne, with all games beginning at the same time. Since Klopp led Dortmund to the title, Bayern has won the last 10 German titles thus, the manager expressed his desire for change at the top. 

“I can imagine Bayern see it differently but it’s not fun if the same team always becomes the champion and we all know Bayern will strike back next year anyway.”

“Nobody thinks they have done it already. It’s a big one and I just hope they will get through it. It will be massive.”

Klopp, who was with Dortmund for seven years after beginning his career as a player with Mainz and leading them to the first division as a coach, stated that it was uncommon for him to choose a team in a conflict between his previous clubs.

“I can say in this case I would be happy if Dortmund win against Mainz for once. It’s no problem.”

Klopp mentioned that the challenge has become somewhat simpler for Mainz since they are currently in ninth place and have no chance of participating in European football on the final day.

“Yes, I hope Dortmund will win. I think it’s long enough. I know (Dortmund manager) Edin (Terzic) very well. I know a lot of people very well at Dortmund.”

“We were always in contact and we are now in contact and I know what it would mean to the city and in general.”

Dortmund will hold a parade on Sunday with upwards of 250,000 fans anticipated to come if they win against Mainz.

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