Latest Atletico Madrid News: Simeone is on the verge of a contract extension

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Latest Atletico Madrid News: Atletico Madrid is gearing up to offer a contract extension to their highly esteemed coach, Diego Simeone, with the plan being set in motion in the coming months.

October has been earmarked as the chosen month to present the proposal, which, if all goes as planned, will see the Argentine coach extend his tenure at the club beyond 2024.

For the first time in his Atletico Madrid journey, Simeone will enter the final year of his contract without already having a signed extension. Historically, the coach has renewed his contract with two-year intervals, aiming for a stable project that doesn’t bind either party to an excessively lengthy commitment.

Simeone’s value to Atletico Madrid has never been in question. Many in the club’s hierarchy have often echoed the sentiment that “there is no one better for Atleti than Simeone, and no better club for Simeone than Atleti.” He has seamlessly fit the club’s philosophy, and under his guidance, Atletico has experienced exponential growth, elevating the level of sporting excellence and achieving feats that were once considered insurmountable challenges.

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The Argentine coach openly admits that there is no other club or country that aligns better with his character and way of life than Atletico Madrid. Fully integrated into the club and its values, Simeone’s connection with Atleti goes back nearly 30 years when he first arrived as a player. Since then, his shared journey with the club has brought nothing but success to both parties.

Latest Atletico Madrid News
Latest Atletico Madrid News: Diego Simeone had a rough campaign last season

It’s worth noting that a year ago, just before the break, there were uncertainties surrounding Simeone’s continuity at Atletico. While the idea of his dismissal was merely speculative and propagated by a few naysayers, some genuinely believed that the Simeone era was reaching its conclusion. However, the post-World Cup resurgence of Atletico under Simeone’s guidance put all doubts to rest. The Argentine coach navigated through the challenges and led the team to meet their objectives, showcasing his ability to motivate and elevate the squad, as he had done on numerous occasions before.

Observing Simeone’s energy and determination during the current preseason and on the sidelines during matches, it’s evident that he is heading into this final season and the months leading up to his renewal with unwavering strength. His passion and mentality continue to inspire both players and fans, cementing his status as one of the world’s finest coaches.

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