REREF president Luis Rubiales could face a 15-year ban from FIFA following kissing incident

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The head of the Spanish Football Association (FA), Luis Rubiales, is expected to receive a 15-year suspension from FIFA.

  • Luis Rubiales has come under fire after kissing Jenni Hermoso following Spain’s WC triumph.
  • The REREF initially supported him but have now changed their stance.
  • FIFA want to impose the longest suspension possible on Rubiales.

This development follows a turbulent series of incidents that started with Rubiales’ contentious kiss exchanged with Spain’s top player, Jenni Hermoso, following their triumph over England in the World Cup final.

In a remarkable about-face, the Spanish FA has stopped supporting Rubiales and demanded his immediate departure. The association claims that Rubiales’ “unacceptable” actions have done “grave harm” to Spanish football’s reputation. The Spanish FA reversed course when FIFA issued a strong ultimatum, threatening to exclude the country’s top clubs and national teams from international play if the FA failed to take action against Rubiales.

Luis Rubiales
Rubiales and Hermoso

According to sources familiar with the disciplinary procedure, FIFA wants to impose on Rubiales the longest possible suspension, which is 15 years. This choice is considered as a reaction to his actions and their possible effects on the standing of Spanish football. Even though FIFA had already given Rubiales a 90-day interim punishment, the Spanish FA had previously supported him. However, as internal inquiries progressed, their position changed.

In the middle of the confusion, Rubiales gave the Spanish FA the order to protest to UEFA about government intervention in his final actions before suspension. UEFA denied Rubiales’ request to have the federation suspended, leaving him with a mountain of problems.

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