Gremio president admits Luis Suarez struggling with knee problem

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It has been revealed that Luis Suarez is having knee problems that is hindering his football

According to the president of Gremio, Alberto Guerra, Luis Suarez, the 36-year-old striker from Uruguay, is facing difficulties in prolonging his football career due to osteoarthrosis in his right knee.

According to Brazilian media, the ex-Barcelona player is contemplating retirement due to intense pain that requires him to receive injections in order to continue playing.

“It is serious. Suarez has the possibility of being fitted with a prosthesis,” Guerra told reporters at Gremio’s stadium.

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“He’s had a lot of injections, a lot of medication, he’s reaching the limit, when is the limit? We don’t know.”

Suarez is currently undergoing training and has been included in Gremio’s team for their upcoming match against America-MG in Brazil’s Serie A. 

He joined Gremio in January and has a contract with the club until December 2024. In his 25 games, Suarez has managed to score 11 goals. 

There have been rumors connecting Suarez to a potential transfer to Inter Miami in the MLS, where he could reunite with his former teammate and close friend Lionel Messi, who is currently 35 years old.

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