Marcelo Brozovic ignores Saudi delegates and gives Barcelona 7 days

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Marcelo Brozovic finds himself in a transfer saga as the uncertainty of his future at Inter Milan keeps gaining attention

Yesterday, Marcelo Brozovic posted “More to come” on his Instagram; notably, he included a picture of Al Pacino dressed as Tony Montana from Scarface with the message, along with the tagline “the world is yours.”

Brozovic skips meeting with Al Nassr

These were the moments when Al Nassr executives were scheduled to meet Brozovic in his hometown of Zagreb. The midfielder, though, made the decision to skip the meeting. The Saudi club “settled” for talks with some of Brozovic’s entourage as a result but nothing was materialised.

It is obvious that the circumstance makes Inter Milan’s ambitions more difficult because they are unable to resolutely pursue a replacement for the Croatian midfielder. For Brozovic, the present circumstance does not center on money. While he seems to be having fun on social media, he is not currently contemplating moving to Saudi Arabia.

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If not, he would at least have shown up to the meeting to discuss his alleged desire for €30 million net each season as compared to Al Nassr’s €20 million offer. Money is not the root of the problem. If it had, Brozovic would have been appeased by the Saudi group dispatched to Zagreb. The truth is that Brozovic has different ideas, especially with reference to Barcelona.

Marcelo Brozovic favours a move to La Liga

Brozovic’s comment may be in reference to Barcelona, as suggested by the enigmatic caption “more to come,” which is followed by two emtoicons. There are several rumors that Brozovic is considering moving to La Liga. He has already spoke with Xavi, Barcelona’s new manager, and the two sides have come to terms on a multi-year deal with a growing wage that would start at €7 million per season.

Even while these sums are far lower than what Al Nassr has proposed, they are still higher than the €6 million that Brozovic now receives from Inter Milan. The stumbling block, however, lies in Barcelona’s financial constraints, which limit their actions in the transfer market. Consequently, unless the team quickly reduces the squad size, any prospective trade for Brozovic would take time.

The group around Brozovic has asked Barcelona to make their offer to Inter within a week. While Brozovic is ready to wait, he won’t do so eternally, leaving the door open for a sincere “yes” from Al Nassr.

How does Marcelo Brozovic’s uncertain future affect Inter Milan?

Inter Milan is now in a challenging circumstance. The club is thinking about the idea of Brozovic staying in Milan because of the uncertainty surrounding both potential destinations. This presents the Nerazzurri with two problems. First of all, it has an impact on the pay budget because the club’s recent pricey contract extensions for players like Alessandro Bastoni and Hakan Calhanoglu must be taken into account together with the decision to pass on Brozovic.

Also, it affects the club’s search for midfield reinforcements. Inter Milan is held back by Brozovic’s predicament in more ways than one. Davide Frattesi from Sassuolo cannot be acquired by the club without the promised millions from his move. It also becomes difficult to consider alternate candidates for the midfield position, such as Valencia’s Yunus Musah.

A less expensive alternative to Frattesi is Musah, who has drawn interest from both Inter Milan and AC Milan. However, Inter Milan must modify their strategy in light of the changing situation. Beppe Marotta, the CEO of Inter, often communicates with Giovanni Carnevali, his counterpart at Sassuolo, and the two recently shared updates.

They have set up a meeting for the transfer market’s formal inauguration in Rimini today. If Brozovic had agreed, the situation may have been different, and the time could have been right for wrapping up the discussions. Inter Milan, meanwhile, is limited to waiting it out in the hopes that Barcelona pulls off a miracle or that other players go, which would give the team more freedom in the transfer market. There is definitely more to come.

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