Mason Greenwood: Dortmund, Milan and Brentford reportedly snubbed signing Greenwood

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  • Manchester United’s decision to part ways with Mason Greenwood and loan him out during the summer transfer window.
  • The rejection of loan offers by several top European clubs, including Brentford, Borussia Dortmund, AC Milan, and Roma.
  • The eventual agreement with La Liga side Getafe for Mason Greenwood’s season-long loan.

Manchester United recently announced their decision to part ways with young talent Mason Greenwood during the summer transfer window.

Greenwood, aged 21, had been embroiled in a legal controversy, with charges of attempted rape, controlling behavior, and assault filed against him in February 2023. However, these charges were dropped, paving the way for his return to professional football.

As soon as the news of Greenwood’s availability broke, several clubs across Europe expressed their interest in securing his services on loan. However, three notable highlights emerged from this saga.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that Premier League outfit Brentford, known for their smart transfer dealings, rejected the chance to bring Greenwood on board for the upcoming season. This suggests that despite his undeniable talent, there may have been concerns or reservations within the club about his recent legal issues.

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German giants Borussia Dortmund, famed for nurturing young talent, also turned down the opportunity to sign Greenwood. This decision could be seen as a reflection of the club’s focus on building their squad with long-term potential rather than opting for a short-term loan solution.

Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, now at the helm of AS Roma, contemplated a reunion with Greenwood in Italy. However, Roma, along with Serie A rivals AC Milan, ultimately decided that a loan deal was not in their best interests, signaling that the legal controversy may have played a significant role in their decision-making.

Ultimately, Mason Greenwood’s destination for the upcoming season is La Liga side Getafe, where he will spend a season on loan. This move comes with an interesting twist, as reports suggest that Manchester United will be covering a substantial portion of Greenwood’s £75,000-a-week salary. Additionally, the club will provide him with a six-bedroom villa and a private translator.

It’s important to note that the loan agreement with Getafe includes a break clause that can be activated in January if all parties involved determine that the loan arrangement is not working out as planned. This is a common practice in loan deals, leaving room for flexibility and adaptability in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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