Mateo Kovacic And Ziyech Were Teased By Chelsea Teammates Before 2022 World Cup

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Before the World Cup, Mateo Kovacic and Hakim Ziyech were made fun of by Chelsea teammates who said they would be the first to return from Qatar and arrive at Stamford Bridge.

Ziyech played a key role in helping Morocco defy all odds and advance to the World Cup semifinal, while Mateo Kovacic’s Croatia persisted as underdogs on the other side of the bracket and also made it to the final four.

Few people anticipated either country to advance as far as they did, but ultimately both were eliminated as a France vs. Argentina final was set up. Morocco were the clear underdogs, and after being second in 2018, many people thought Croatia was a fading team.

The World Cup third-place play-off between the two teams will take place on Saturday, and Kovacic praised Morocco in a press conference before the match:

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“I am very glad Morocco made it this far, they are a great team.

“I have been in touch with Ziyech before and during this World Cup,” He added, explaining that the pair had been the butt of the joke at Chelsea.

“All of the others joked that Ziyech and me would come home first… and here we are almost at the end of the World Cup. Both of us are very proud of what our national teams have achieved.”

The Atlas Lions defeated Portugal 1-0 in the round of eight to advance as the first African team to the World Cup semifinals. Ziyech excelled despite Chelsea’s dissatisfaction with him, ably leading the charge and scoring a goal and providing an assist during the group stage.

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