Matuidi opens up about Marco Verratti’s stay in Paris ahead of his Saudi move

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After an illustrious 11 seasons with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Marco Verratti is poised to embark on a new adventure far from the European shores.

This impending move has ignited discussions and divided opinions among PSG fans.

For many, Marco Verratti’s departure is bittersweet. He has been an integral part of PSG’s journey to numerous national titles, and his departure leaves a void in the midfield. Some fans would have preferred to see him stay, given his significant contributions to the club’s success.

However, there are contrasting views. Some PSG supporters believe that Marco Verratti’s time at the club had run its course. They cite concerns about his lifestyle, which, at times, was perceived as less than exemplary. Despite his undeniable talent on the pitch, his off-field choices had occasionally raised eyebrows.

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One person who firmly believes in Verratti’s legacy at PSG is his former teammate, Blaise Matuidi. The retired PSG midfielder, who made 295 appearances for the club between 2011 and 2017, has spoken highly of Verratti’s impact on the team’s history. Matuidi considers Verratti a pivotal player who left an indelible mark on PSG between 2010 and 2020.

Matuidi reminisced about Verratti’s arrival at PSG as a young and carefree talent, relatively unknown at the time. However, it didn’t take long for Verratti to showcase his immense potential and win over the Parc des Princes faithful. Matuidi’s words reflect the sentiment that Verratti’s legacy should be defined by his on-field prowess and his role in PSG’s success.

Moreover, Matuidi dispelled any doubts about Verratti’s professionalism, highlighting that despite his reputation for enjoying life, he was always a dedicated and punctual player during his time at the club.

Matuidi said during an interview with L’Equipe: “In my eyes, given the titles he won. Marco marked the history of PSG. When he arrived, he was very young, carefree, no one knew him. But from its first balloons, we saw that it was a little gem that was going to make the Parc des Princes vibrate… Perhaps that’s what some people want to remember. And Marco never hid the fact that he was a bon vivant. Don’t forget that at the start, he’s a kid who arrives in Paris from Pescara. This is not the rhythm of life. But he also knew how to be serious. I can assure you that Marco never arrived late for training, that he was always a great pro,”

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