Patrice Evra Risks Facing A Fine In Paris Over 2019 incident

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If found guilty of making homophobic remarks in a 2019 Snapchat video that ended up being released, a French prosecutor has ordered that Patrice Evra be fined the maximum amount of €1,500 (£1,310).

Following a complaint from the Mousse and Stop Homophobia groups regarding a “public insult of a group of people for their sexual orientation,” a hearing was held on Thursday in the police court of Paris. Due to the fact that the video was not intended to be leaked, the judge presiding over the hearing reduced the accusation to “private insult.” Evra skipped the hearing.

On February 9, it will be decided whether to convict the former Manchester United left back.

Following United’s 2nd leg 3-1 victory over PSG in 2019, Evra said: “Paris, you are some fa*****, some fa*****, I’m telling you. We [United] put our D team [against PSG] and we did you. Some kids played – they used to clean my boots. They don’t even have sperm. Paris, you are some p******.”

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Patrice Evra apologized to anyone aggrieved at the time of the event but denied being homophobic.

“After the video was widely shared, PSG said in a statement: “Paris Saint-Germain condemns Patrice Evra’s homophobic insults aimed at the club, its representatives and its former players in a video released yesterday on social media. These remarks profoundly shocked the club, which is particularly committed to the values of respect and inclusiveness.

“The fight against homophobia and all forms of discrimination is at the heart of PSG’s actions and values, which has worked alongside Rouge Direct [formerly Paris Foot Gay] to fight homophobia, as well as Sportitude against all forms of racism.”

In response to that statement, Patrice Evra said in a post on his Twitter feed: “They translate it as I am against the gay people. I am not homophobic, I am ‘Mr I love this game’.

“I love everyone. So if I offended someone, I apologise. But it is not my intention. I understand equality. You have to be free whatever you do in life.

“I would never judge anyone. My mum raised me that way. Only God can judge me. We need to make the world a better place, so please stop this negativity because you will never shut me down.

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