Philipp Lahm Criticised Infantino For Lack Of Integrity

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Philipp Lahm, a former captain for Bayern Munich and the German national team has criticised FIFA president Gianni Infantino saying “He has no integrity.”

While assisting the DFB in its preparations for the 2024 Euros, he recently spoke out against FIFA President Gianni Infantino and his management of the “beautiful game.”

“FIFA has lost further credibility thanks to its top representative,” wrote Lahm in his column for RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (via Sport1). “One gets the impression more and more that Gianni Infantino is not looking for the best solution in the interests of soccer and that he simply lacks integrity.”

“Infantino doesn’t give the impression that he wants to change anything about it,” wrote Lahm. “He’s taking advantage of the game. That’s the problem of FIFA, an institution based in Europe, not soccer. And the only way to change that is to finally focus on a sensible, transparent award procedure in the future.”

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The “award procedure” in this context refers to how the World Cup is distributed among the host countries. Lahm states that he wants to “bring our values back to the fore, and above all the game,” during EURO 2024 – and I think people want that.”

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