PSG transfer news now: Mbappe is set to leave PSG as he tells the club he will not renew his contract

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PSG transfer news now: PSG will not lose Kylian Mbappe for free and will consider selling him if he does not want to renew his contract

Uncertainty over the French superstar’s future has been brought on by the resurfacing of the Kylian Mbappe scandal. Mbappe has notified Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) that he will not exercise the option to extend his contract beyond the summer of 2024, despite only renewing it a year ago. This decision has reignited the long-running rumors tying him to a transfer to Real Madrid and conjecture of a probable exit from PSG.

The current PSG deal for Mbappe has a summer 2024 expiration date and a one-season extension option. The French forward’s communication of his willingness to forego using this option, however, raises questions about how long he will be a member of the team. PSG is forced to make a difficult choice since, naturally, they do not want to take the chance of losing Mbappe for free.

Despite the potential of Mbappe leaving, negotiations for a better deal are still ongoing between PSG and the player’s representation. According to reports, these discussions also cover profitable add-ons, such investment initiatives. PSG is eager to retain Mbappe’s services for a longer duration, but the conclusion of these talks is still up in the air.

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The ongoing interest of Real Madrid in Mbappe further escalates the issue. The Spanish team has frequently been associated with the French attacker, and they made an attempt to sign him in 2021. All bids for Mbappe’s services, including those above €180 million, were turned down by PSG.

Mbappe might have signed with Real Madrid as a free agent in 2022, but PSG was able to retain his services through a contract extension made possible by the hiring of Luis Campos as a front-office employee.

The decision by Mbappe not to sign a contract extension comes just after Benzema left Real Madrid. This development gives the Mbappe tale an intriguing new angle by reigniting talk of a potential transfer to the Spanish capital. Mbappe has continued to draw the attention of Real Madrid, and club president Florentino Perez has openly admitted the prospect of a future move.

PSG transfer news now
PSG transfer news now: Perez is looking for a replacement for Benzema and that might ignite Madrid’s interest in Mbappe

Mbappe’s unwillingness to sign a contract extension has left PSG with a difficult decision. If he declines to sign a new contract, the club has two options: risk losing him for free the next season or think about selling him during the forthcoming transfer window. Undoubtedly, the situation is stressful, and the result will have a big influence on Mbappe’s professional development as well as PSG’s future ambitions.

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