RFEF to sue some Spanish Women’s National Team players including Alexia Putellas

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In the wake of the recent resignation of former Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president Luis Rubiales, a storm is brewing in the Spanish Women’s National Team.

A group of 39 players from the 2023 Women’s World Cup-winning Spanish Women’s national team has taken a bold step by signing a document that outlines their demands for change within the RFEF. They have even threatened to boycott their upcoming Nations League duties if their demands are not met.

The collective statement from these players makes it clear that they feel the changes that have taken place within the RFEF are insufficient. They argue that they want to feel safe, respected, and supported in women’s football, and they believe that the current structure needs a significant overhaul for the sake of future generations.

“To date, as we have conveyed to the RFEF, the changes that have taken place are not enough for the players to feel that they are in a safe place, where women are respected, where there is support for women’s football, and where we can give our maximum performance.

“We would like to end this statement by saying that the players of the Spanish national team are professional players, and what fills us most with pride is to wear the shirt of our national team and always take our country to the highest positions.

“Therefore, we believe that it is time to fight to show that these situations and practices have no place in our football or in our society, that the current structure needs to change and we do it so that the next generations can have a much more egalitarian football and at the height of what we all deserve,” the statement read.

One of their key demands is the restructuring of the organizational chart in women’s football, including changes to the presidential cabinet and general secretary roles. They are also calling for reforms in the communication and marketing department and the integrity department. Additionally, they have called for the resignation of the RFEF president.

Pedro Rocha, who has been appointed as the temporary head of the RFEF following Rubiales’ resignation, faces a daunting task of mediating this conflict. Rocha has set a deadline for a definitive decision on whether the players threatening to boycott will actually do so.

However, there’s another twist in this ongoing saga. Prominent figures within the RFEF are reportedly preparing to take legal action against the mutinying players of the Spanish Women’s national team. They accuse the players of coercion and slander, citing the pressure accompanying the players’ demands and the allegations made against them.

Rocha has pledged to consider these complaints on a “case-by-case” basis over the next month. Individual decisions will be made regarding the future roles of managers and employees who are named on the supposed “blacklist.”

The situation remains tense, and the outcome is uncertain as Spain prepares to face Sweden in their upcoming Nations League match. The standoff between the players and the RFEF continues to draw attention, underscoring the need for a resolution that satisfies both parties and ensures the progress of women’s football in Spain

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